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French Flavour: Waydi Freestyle Dance Video

Here’s some dance inspiration for you before you hit the club tonight! Or in my case, some cool moves to watch but never ever try out cause my dancing is only useful if I want to scare people away.

This video features Waydi, a member of the amazing Criminalz Crew. The song he is dancing to is called ‘Life‘ by Hamza. After watching this dance video I got addicted to the song and also had a listen to Hamza’s ‘1994‘ album which you can stream on Spotify. The album sounds cool, but also confronts me with the fact that my high school French classes are disappearing more and more from my memory. C’est dommage!

Anyway, watch and enjoy the splendid moves. A big shout out to Kevin Lam Seck who made the video, a job well done!

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