Tajikistan part 3: The marvelous mountains from Dushanbe to Panjakent

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If you go on Wikipedia’s ‘List of mountains and hills in The Netherlands it becomes evident how flat this country is. There are three mountains/hills listed on it and two of those are in the Carribean Netherlands! Which is not really around the corner for me. For this reason,  I always go completely crazy when I see mountains. I adore mountains. The different shapes they have, the majestic view they create. Just everything. I might be addicted to mountains and Tajikistan was feeding my addiction with these mountains all over the place!

When we drove from Dushanbe to Panjakent I ended up with approximately 1000 pictures and 24 minutes of video material only of mountains. I am sure that those with me on the road were wondering what the deal is with the crazy mountain lady but I was so mesmerized, not only by the fact that there were mountains but also by how different they were even though they were so close to each other. Some were covered in snow, others were extremely green and others were completely dry. They reminded me of the mountains in Afghanistan and I became nostalgic.

It’s really a must to have a road trip when you are visiting Tajikistan. You don’t want to miss some amazing views. The trip we took from Dushanbe to Panjakent lasted approximately 4 hours, but if that doesn’t fit your schedule you can also drive to the small town of Ayni, which is a 2 hour drive. During both journeys you will pass through beautiful mountains and there is even a part with a lot of snow. Before going to Tajikistan I did some research and a lot of websites were recommending the Pamir Highway, the pictures I saw looked stunning. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to fit that in my schedule but maybe you can, so don’t forget to put it on your ‘things to do in Tajikistan’ – list.
Here’s a video of the mountains on the road to Panjakent from Dushanbe:


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