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From the fear of one child to the reality of another


Yesterday my heart was filled with warmth and positivity after watching the video of a father comforting his son after the Paris attacks and making him feel safe again when he expressed his fear of the bad guys with guns. His father responded that they might have guns but we have flowers and was able to convince his son that all will be well. The smile his son gave at the end of the video was the most precious thing I have seen the last couple of days. Their whole conversation was inspiring and a beautiful example of how parents should not let fear get the best of their children. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it here:

Unfortunately what seems like a fear for this child, is a reality for a lot of children elsewhere. Specially those living in Syria and being subjected to air strikes from all sides. The reality of this was shown again this morning through a video shared by AJ+ of a young girl who survived air strikes on her house and was asking about her family members. The man she is talking to reassures her that they are okay, but no official confirmation has been given about it yet.

I hope she will be reunited with her family and recover quickly but this video brought me back to the reality of children in war. How I wish she could experience a different childhood. Currently with the talks of closing borders and people forgetting what refugees are actually fleeing from this reality check is much needed. We can’t turn our backs on those who are most vulnerable in times of conflict.

(image used above was made by Jerome Isaac Rousseau, he also translated the conversation between the father and son)

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