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Dutch Delight: Sevdaliza – Marilyn Monroe (audio)

The universe works in great ways. The whole day I was busy answering comments on my Facebook regarding my previous post on non creative nudity and self-respect and how I had reached my limit.
Somehow most of the comments were by men telling me I should lighten up and because they never feel disappointed if a man is half-naked and classless I shouldn’t either. Amazing logic. Just after I was done with the comments I looked further in my news feed and saw the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ song by Sevdaliza and guess what? She is naked on the cover and on her soundcloud profile picture and I love it!

I enjoyed the song, I am still enjoying it actually because it has been on repeat since I saw the link. It also calmed me down and I am totally zen now. It was such an interesting coincidence that after trying to explain to people that there is a difference in the type of nudity in a photograph or video according to me and that I don’t have a general disapproval of it, I stumble upon Sevdaliza’s single with exactly the nudity I appreciate and applaud. I will never ever disapprove of artistic ways which push boundaries and I can only admire that.

Marilyn Monroe‘ is part of a series of songs that represent a kind of womanhood and by listening to the song one clearly can notice from which perspective Sevdaliza wanted to present Marilyn Monroe, a vulnerable image instead of the blond bombshell one we all think of immediately. Mucky is the co-producer of the song together with Sevdaliza and they are a great team.
I am looking forward to the other songs of this project! Enough chitchat, here’s the track:

Photographs are made by Zahra Reijs!

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