Why Kat Deluna’s ‘Bum Bum’ video killed my vibe today…

While visiting some websites today I stumbled upon Kat Deluna’s newest video for her comeback single ‘Bum Bum’. With a title like that clearly the video wouldn’t feature Kat Deluna fully clothed sitting on a couch reading a book. I don’t really expect that nor did I think that was necessary. I also liked the song, the typical catchy thing you will hear in a club. I get the whole idea of making music for fun and enjoyment and there is nothing wrong with that. However the video left me completely baffled. I found myself just staring at my screen after it was done wondering what I just watched.


Let’s be clear that It isn’t only Kat Deluna’s video, this video was just the final straw for me. I felt ashamed for her and for all females who had to watch it. I have never felt this much unease after watching a video. Looking at some shots from the clip she doesn’t look very comfortable either.
As a woman in current society you learn to deal with classless nudity and objectification in everyday media. I have created a filter for myself and a way to ignore it and just move on. However this time I couldn’t. Watching her slap her behind in the video, rubbing it against the glass, trying to shake it in all different kind of ways made me feel awful for watching it and question what is wrong with females nowadays who voluntarily let themselves be objectified like this. 
One thing that is evident from this video and from others I have been exposed to over the years is the clear lack of self-respect. How can any woman with some kind of self-respect make such a video? I can’t find any other answer except for money and fame because unfortunately sex sells and apparently that is more important than integrity.

Artistic nudity and sexual emancipation

I have absolutely nothing against nudity in images and specially nothing against sexual emancipation of females. I applaud sexual emancipation and it is needed. In my opinion video clips like this one do not contribute whatsoever to the sexual emancipation of women, there is nothing in this type of videos which can be viewed as empowerment. I might be wrong but this is just how I view it. I have seen nudity in clips being used for artistic value and expressing an opinion or message, take Alanis Morissette’s ‘Thank You’ video or D’Angelo’s ‘How does it feel’ for example.
There is nudity but on a different level.
I will encourage any female who is being creative with nudity and sexuality (FKA Twigs as an example) but there is a huge difference between that and simple ratchetness. Unfortunately in the last few years I have mostly seen the last example and that is a problem.

Wrong example for the youth

There is a lot wrong with the trend in video clips however I don’t think these are giving a wrong example for the youth. I have never been the one to blame video clips or video games for how people act, I grew up watching the most weird video clips and playing crazy video games but I turned out just fine (right, mom?). We shouldn’t simplify the problem with addressing just one aspect, it is a complicated multilayered issue. There is a lot more which has influence on the youth apart from music and games. I am more concerned with the female artists themselves who feel that they need to show classless nudity in order to sell records or otherwise they won’t be taken into account.


Seeing how females in other parts of the world struggle for an education and risk their lives to fight for equality and emancipation and then looking at us, the women from the more “free” societies, I tend to wonder where we went wrong? It can be such a disappointment sometimes. Maybe instead of concentrating on fighting for women’s rights elsewhere we should focus on our own societies and try to put self-respect back on our agendas.You might think I am exaggerating and maybe I am. But today is just the day that I am done with this constant exposure to women who are desperately trying to be sexy and pretend that it is part of their sexual emancipation, when it isn’t. We should value ourselves more and stop this nonsense.
End of rant, thank you for reading. I had to get this off my chest.

Alanis Morissette – Thank You

D’Angelo – Untitled

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