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From walking on an island near Toronto to suddenly seeing @Nas perform…

                        Story time!


Today my parents and I went to Centre Island, an island close to Toronto.
If you google it the information you will get about this place is “a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city”, a pretty calm area. We went there and walked around when I clearly heard loud music coming from one point of the island. Heard some songs that I like so I decided to go follow the sound, left my parents to do their thing and Negisa was on a mission.
I walked and walked and walked. The sound started to feel as it was coming from very nearby, when I thought I was almost there I reached the end of the island and there was nothing! Just water… I couldn’t go further but I did hear the music so clearly, it didn’t make any sense!
A bit frustrated I decided to walk back and search for an alternative route but I wasn’t very successful. I was pretty OK with enjoying the ‘mystery island event’ this way, from a distance.
Found a good place to sit, admitted my defeat when all of a sudden I heard a familiar beat and this time the song was performed live instead of a record being played. I listened carefully and holy macaroni… It was NAS! Nas was performing somewhere near me! Unbelievable. What are the odds.
I quickly jumped off of the bench, Speedy Gonzalez was slow compared to how quick I started walking. I had to get to where Nas’ voice was coming from. I walked in a different direction, but again a dead end was waiting for me while I heard Nas performing from somewhere.
I choose another direction and started walking. Bumped into my parents who were ready to leave the island while I clearly wasn’t. Me leaving a place where Nas is clearly performing? Hells no!
They accepted to wait until I had completed this mission of mine. I felt as if I was in a marathon, the Nas marathon. At the finish Mr. Illmatic would be waiting for me. I saw a guy and he gave me instructions but also said that the event is for students from a certain university and I won’t get permission to enter. For a moment I stopped walking and thought maybe I should just return because I have no idea where to walk and not getting in would be such a disappointment. This thought lasted exactly one second cause my mind and heart were back in marathon mode and I started walking. After three other dead ends I finally was on a road that seemed to be leading to the right direction when all of a sudden I heard Nas say: ‘Thank you Toronto! I will be back soon!’
Say what now?! Nooooo. He better not stop now that I am almost there. I walked faster and faster. In my head I was wishing this wasn’t the last song and also thinking of ways to talk myself into the event if they refused to let me in. Luckily he continued performing, I was getting closer and got a view of the crowd. Finally not another dead end! I focussed on the area but didn’t see a fence or people controlling if someone is from the university there. Perfect. I finally saw Nas’ face from a distance. I heard his dj mix something and I knew exactly which song was about to start which automatically made me speed up my walking. No way I was going to miss this song! As I finally entered the area and got closer to the stage he started performing ‘Made you look’, one of my favorites. Mission accomplished. I most definitely didn’t let Nas down!

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