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Asking for directions in Sofia (Bulgaria)


When abroad I love traveling around with public transport. Sometimes it is difficult if you can’t understand what is written, like in Bulgaria for example where I am currently. Asking for directions at a metro station was a bit diffucult, the woman working there didn’t speak any English and the only thing written in English on the map were the metro stops not the surrounding streets. When I noticed the lady and I couldn’t get far I decided to assemble some basic Bulgarian  and tried to explain myself in that language. The woman working there responded by hand gesturing that I had to wait and grabbed a phone.
All of a sudden two big security guys show up…. Well damn, what did I say?! Did I just assemble the most threatening sentences in Bulgarian and said them to the woman? Why drag security into this!
Oh… never mind the guys came to give me directions. Such a relief. What a bunch of nice officers they are.
As they walked with me towards the map to show me where the street I wanted to go was, one of the policemen said in Bulgarian: ‘How come you don’t speak Bulgarian? Whenever I go abroad I always speak abroadian.’ Ha ha funny guy. He asked me where I am from and I said Holland. Both he and his colleague went crazy: ‘Oh my god Holland kicked Spain’s behind the other night. It was amazing!’ They asked me if I knew van Persie.
I said: ‘Yes, he is my cousin!’
They got extremely happy: ‘He’s your cousin…really?!?’
Me: ‘Nope.’
Luckily they could cope with my dry sense of humor. The three of us did some cavemen hooligan bonding over Holland’s great game. After that they explained the route I had to take…in Bulgarian… just perfect. I wrote down a few stops I could recognize. After I arrived at the next station I asked a security guy if he speaks English. He confidently said yes and then gave me new directions completely in Bulgarian.
At the end I managed to get to where I had to be and if things continue to go like this I will be speaking Bulgarian in no time. 🙂

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