Animated Poetry: Mahmoud Darwish – The Dice Player || محمود درويش – لاعب النرد

There are a lot of negative things we can say about Facebook and probably all of them are true but this is a good example of the benefits it has.
I just saw a friend comment on this video and that’s how I was able to know of its existence.
It’s an animation made for the poem “The Dice Player” by the poet Mahmoud Darwish. This is known as the last poem by Mahmoud Darwish, who passed away in 2008. In this poem he describes the Palestinian struggle like no one else can. It’s an extremely powerful poem and this animation only adds to its greatness.
This animation is part of the project “Visual Poetry” made in the Media Design Department at the GUC. I’m really eager to see what else they will make.
If you don’t know Arabic, don’t worry. They’ve added English subtitles to the animation, this way non-Arabic speakers (like myself) can also understand it.

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