Been there, saw that

Been there, saw that: Sabrina Starke & Metropole Orchestra – The Songs of Bill Withers @ Paradiso, Amsterdam


On the 2nd of May Sabrina Starke and the Metropole Orchestra conducted by Vince Mendoza presented the album “Lean On Me, the songs of Bill Withers”.
The live performance was at the Paradiso (Amsterdam) and it was sold out. I was lucky enough to be one of the people able to witness this great event. I have never seen Sabrina Starke or the Metropole Orchestra live so I was really eager to see what they had in store for us.
Even though this was my first time attending a Sabrina Starke concert, this doesn’t mean I didn’t know about her before. I have been a fan of her music for years now. Her debut album “Yellow Brick Road” which was released in 2008 is still an album I listen to often. She definitely has a voice that deserves our attention.
“Lean On Me, the songs of Bill Withers” is her 4th album and contains her favorite songs from the amazing singer Bill Withers. I am glad that  the Metropole Orchestra knows which talents to work with and have cooperated with her on this album. This is a match that can’t disappoint. Before going to the concert I heard her renditions of “Grandma’s Hands” and “Lean On Me”, both sounded good and fueled my expectations even further.
As I entered the venue, it was already filled with people who were anxiously waiting for the performance. It was a very mixed crowd, people from different ages were there. I think there were people who were Bill Withers or Metropole Orchestra/Vince Mendoza fans and others who maybe knew just a few Bill Withers songs but were mostly Sabrina Starke fans. That’s why I think there were people from different age categories. Which of course doesn’t matter, at the end of the day it’s all about music lovers getting together for a good concert. I was there for all of the just mentioned artists in case you were wondering.
Sabrina Starke started the concert by singing “Who is she and what is she to you?” and immediately was able to capture the crowd. During the whole show, she didn’t lose our attention. Her voice sounded just so lovely and soothing. Even the high notes seemed the easiest thing to do when she was singing them. She was effortlessly good and it was a pleasure to hear her sing her versions of Bill Withers’ songs. She really did them justice. A beautiful moment during the concert was when somebody read out loud a personal message from Bill Withers for Sabrina Starke. One of the things he wrote in his message was that he was not only flattered but impressed and praised her talent. This of course made her emotional and she even shed some tears. It was very touching and lovely that he was that supportive of the album.
The Metropole Orchestra and Vince Mendoza were also splendid. Seeing great musicians like them perform is truly amazing. I was mesmerized during the whole evening.  I am extremely glad I went to see them perform and if they are going to be at  a venue near you, make sure you go and visit their concert. There was so much greatness going on that I couldn’t possibly sum it all up in a short blog post. Hopefully the pictures and videos will give you a better idea of how it was:

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