Been there, saw that

Been there, saw that: Kendrick Lamar live @Melkweg, Amsterdam


Kendrick Lamar is currently on an European tour, almost all of his shows are sold out and this was also the case in the Netherlands last week.
At first I didn’t think I coul go but I was lucky enough to be able to attend his concert on the 7th of February in the Melkweg (Amsterdam) after all.
I was of course extremely excited to see Kendrick Lamar perform. This wasn’t my first time seeing him live, I have seen him during a festival a few years ago. However, a whole solo set during his own show is a lot different from a festival. That is why I really wanted to be there.
In my opinion Kendrick Lamar and the people working with him have done a great job. They were able to use the buzz that Kendrick had and used it to create a good thing. We have seen a lot of rappers who weren’t able to do that. I’m glad it worked out for Kendrick and I hope things will continue to go on this path.
My expectations for his performance were big, because I had already hyped myself up with videos of his performances in other European cities. I was eager to see what he had in store for us in Amsterdam. When he came on stage I knew that this was going to be a great show. The crowd was super energetic and they knew the lyrics to every song. The vibe was perfect, I was standing there with a smile on my face the whole time.
I was happy that Kendrick Lamar didn’t only perform songs from Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (which is an incredible album) but also did some older tracks like “Cut you off” and “P&P”.
What I liked the most is probably the fact that only he and his DJ (Ali) were on stage during his whole performance. Just the two of them killed it and had more energy than some rappers I’ve seen with a whole group on stage behind them. It shows that you can make an impact without overcrowding the place.
Another fact that I appreciated but might be seen as a detail, is the fact that they used proper lighting. It actually added something extra to the whole. I don’t see that very often during hiphop shows.
Kendrick Lamar was on point live. He knew how to get the crowd going and the little introductions that he did before some songs were a perfect way to get them even more hyped up.
As you might have noticed by what I wrote, I had an amazing time. I very am grateful that RetOne made it possible for me to attend the concert. If Kendrick Lamar will be performing somewhere near you anytime soon, don’t hesitate and just go. Trust me, you won’t regret it.
Click on “read the rest of this entry” for pictures and videos of the show:

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