Been there, saw that

Been there saw that: Hip Hop benefit for Syria with Omar Offendum, Manu, Salah Edin, Gikkels and ReaZun.

The Dutch organization IKV Pax Christi organized a Hip Hop benefit for Syria on the 6th of February. Several rappers whose music I like a lot were present that evening.
The money collected during the concert is going be donated to the “Adopt a Revolution” project for the peaceful opposition in Syria. The evening was great and even though there was music and people were enjoying their night we didn’t forget why we were there in the first place. There was a screen showing images of what is going on in Syria and every rapper also took the time to explain why they wanted to perform during this benefit. The statement that Omar Offendum made gives a good idea why this evening was important: “It’s not only about collecting money but also about creating awareness, after tonight hopefully some of you will talk to your friends and that will spread the message.
This is the second time IKV Pax Christi has organized a benefit for Syria. This time with more performers than the last. Next to Omar Offendum from the USA also Manu, Salah Edin, ReaZun and Gikkels  from the Netherlands were there to contribute to this evening. All of them are rappers who have a message to spread with their music and that’s why I like to listen to them. It was an interesting set of performances with ReaZun who raps in French, Salah Edin in Arabic, Manu and Gikkels in Dutch and finally Omar Offendum in English/Arabic. My language skills were tested. 😉
The crowd during this event is not the usual crowd I see at hiphop shows, but I could notice that they enjoyed it.
At the end of the night everybody went home aware of the fact that the situation in Syria must not be forgotten. Hopefully a solution can be found soon. We can’t do much but organizing events like these is what we can and it is at least something which reminds people of what is going on. This was a good initiative by IKV Pax Christi and I am glad I went there. Here are some pictures and videos of the event:


1. Sala Edin

2. Omar Offendum

3. Manu (Dutch)

4. Stryder (a young rapper from the Netherlands, who was invited by Manu to perform…it’s in Dutch)

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