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French Movies: Persepolis

The third and final movie of my French movie weekend is “Persepolis”.  Also completely different from the other two. This is an animated film. It’s based on the autobiographical novel by Marjane Satrapi and is directed by her and Vincent Paronnaud.
Persepolis is about a young Iranian girl who grows up during the Iranian Revolution of 1979. It shows the difficulties she had to deal with in Iran after the Iranian Revolution but also in Europe when she couldn’t figure out how to fit in. She’s trapped between both worlds. It’s difficult for her to adjust to the new Iran, after the revolution but also to live in Europe while her family is still there. 
The film begins by showing Marjane in an airport, unable to board she goes somewhere to sit and smoke a cigarette. That’s where her story begins with flashbacks from when she was a little girl slowly coming to the present.
What I appreciated about this film is the fact that they showed that not everybody was loving the Shah and that the Revolution didn’t start as an islamic one at the beginning. It also shows how the whole revolution backfired and how it affected Marjane’s family. Which I’m sure is the case for other Iranians as well. I could relate a lot to Marjane. From being a little curious girl thinking that she could do anything to slowly losing herself between Europe and her homeland but finding a way to stay true to where she comes from.
The film is also available in English, so you can look it up if you don’t want to read subtitles. I watched the French version since I want to improve my French. 😉
If you want to learn more about how life was before the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and how it changed after that, then I recommend you this film.
Here are some scenes that I like, to give you an impression:
1. A short trailer of the film which shows the essence of Persepolis:

2. When Marjane gets stopped by the police because she’s running and that makes her behind move inappropriately she responds that the guards can also just not look at her behind.

3. Marjane trying to fit in while being in Vienna as a young woman.

Persepolis on IMDb.

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