Don’t believe the hype: Three simple things you should know about the Maya Calendar

I think that the Maya Civilization is really worth studying and we can learn a lot from them. Their mathematical and astronomical system is very interesting. Their art and architecture is just amazing. Once you realize what they were capable of doing 2000 years BC makes us not look as advanced as we think we are. 😉
I was planning on writing a post like this but after a while I thought it was unnecessary. I changed my mind this week when I was at a conference where a few speakers also touched on the Maya Calendar issue which made me decide to write a short post about the whole “end of the world” nonsense. I know we all love drama and sensation but let’s all just calm down for a second and use our brains instead of letting mainstream media influence us for once. I know that most of you don’t believe the world will end in a few days but you do believe that the Mayans predicted something like that. Which means that when it’s the 22nd of December most of you will think the Mayans were wrong, while it’s the mainstream media that is wrong and spreading false information. I thought I should just write three things which you should know and when the world doesn’t end you won’t mock the Mayans because they don’t deserve that.

1. First things first;  those who study the ancient and modern Maya civilization (anthropologists, archaeologists historians etc.) are still not quite sure IF the end of the Maya Great Cycle/Calendar will be on the 21st of December. It might actually be on the 23rd! The Maya Calendar is a very complicated one, not to be compared to ours (in my opinion at least).
2. According to the Maya Calendar the 21st of December marks the end of the Maya Great Cycle as mentioned above. This does not mean the end of the world but just the beginning of a new cycle. Maya Cycles succeed one another for an unlimited period of time.
3. There’s no prove that the Mayans stated anything about the world ending. The only thing that was found about December 21st is that they spoke about being complete on that date.  Now why should being complete mean that the whole world will be destroyed in a very apocalyptic way? It can also simply mean that the Maya Great Cycle will be completed, just plain as that. You can also find another explanation with a more spiritual reasoning, maybe they were referring to inner peace and inner completeness. However for the media and Hollywood, doom-scenarios fit much better in the equation. I mean, can you make a blockbuster about the Maya Great Cycle which just finishes without anything major happening and a new cycle starting after that? Or a blockbuster about inner peace? Not really. We love sensation and all these doomsday scenarios feed our imagination.

Hopefully these three things will give you enough information so you won’t laugh at the Mayans when you wake up on the 22nd of December and learn to value their heritage. However, you are more than welcome to laugh at the media for spreading useless information.

– Here’s also a short video where proof has been found that the Mayans actually thought the world won’t end –

I am not an expert on the Maya Civilization or astronomy nor do I pretend to be one, just sharing information. 🙂


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