Been there, saw that

Been there, saw that: Boogiedown Breda Festival 2012 + Postmen reunion

Last Saturday I went to a festival called “Boogiedown Breda”, it’s a hip hop festival in Breda (a city in the Netherlands). I’ve always enjoyed visiting this festival. This year they had an amazing line up, from Dutch hip-hop stars like Fresku to the legendary Public Enemy from the USA. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay at the festival the whole day because I had to go to  another place but I was able to take some pictures and film the reunion of Postmen. The weather was the typical Dutch summer weather, there was rain and then sunshine and then rain again and sunshine again. 😉 But we are already used to this kind of weather during our summer festivals and we still have a good time.
I saw MC Melodee performing and she did well. I hope to see a show of hers once again because I only saw her last two songs. But she is someone to keep an eye on. This year she has worked really hard together with the production duo from Spain called Cookin’ Soul and made a dope mixtape with them.
Another act worth watching is Postmen. This hip hop/reggae group was very famous through the years 1998 ‘til 2003 and broke up around 2005. This year they decided to reunite with a few changes in the group but Anonymous Mis and Shyrock/Rollarocka are still part of it. I was looking forward to seeing them perform because I was really curious if they still had it in them. They did. 😉 Their show was energetic and very well put together. Despite the fact that their stage was very slippery due to the rain they tried to move around and hype up the audience. I think they will bring out great music and can’t wait to hear it. I really had a good time and I’m glad they decided to join their forces again.
After Postmen I still had little time left to see Elzhi, former Slum Village member whose solo career is going pretty well. He is also a good artist to see live. I’ve listened a lot to “Elmatic“, his own spin on the classic “Illmatic” album by Nas. It’s worth the listen.
Check out videos of Postmen’s performance as well as pictures of Boogiedown Breda 2012 below:


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