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10 questions with Alberto, a saxophonist from Italy living in Barcelona

It’s time for a new “10 questions with… post.
When I was in Barcelona Irene (the lovely girl whose apartment I was renting) took me to visit the Putxet hill, which was close to where I was living. Little did we know that this spot is apparently a popular place for musicians to practice. While we were walking around we spotted a girl sitting on the ground just outside the normal walking route, near some trees playing the tabla. There was also a guy walking towards the same spot, carrying his saxophone but when he noticed his practicing spot was taken he had to look further. Later on when we were sitting on the hill, we heard him play so this meant he found a good place to practice. I wanted to interview him but I didn’t want to bother him while he was practicing so I decided not to do it and went away.
Approximately a week/two weeks after that I was in the city center and a group of street musicians called “Buenas Costumbres” was performing. Barcelona is filled with musicians and dancers and all kinds of people who want to show their talents but what got my attention was the fact that this group was very energetic and really gave a show. I decided to take a closer look and enjoy the music. When I went a little closer I noticed that one of the group members was the same guy I saw on the Putxet hill with his saxophone, this time I decided to interview him since I thought this was an interesting coincidence.  His name is Alberto, he’s 26 years old originally from Italy but living in Barcelona.
Here are my 10 questions with him:

  1. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
    My first thought was: “Oh no, I fell asleep on the couch” and then moved to my bed to sleep further.
  2. What did you want to become when you were a kid?
    A basketball player.
  3. What’s your current occupation?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    I hope that I will own a house and I also want to travel a lot.
  5. Why own a house and start travelling after that?
     Because I want to have a place  where I can go back to. 
  6. Who/What inspires you?
    In life I can’t single out one thing only that gives me inspiration, I get inspired by everything. My musical inspiration is John Coltrane.
  7. What’s your favorite quote?
    “Diventare famoso ogni giorno e restare anonimo sempre” (Become famous everyday and remain anonymous forever) – His own quote.
  8. Which song have you been listening to a lot these last few days?
    Paulinho da Viola & Marisa Monte – Um Samba sobre o Infinito
  9. What makes you angry and what makes you happy?
    “Desamor y amor” (Lack of love/affection and love)
  10. What is your message to the world?
    “Nunca dejes de luchar por sussueños” (Never stop fighting for your dreams)Here’s a video of Alberto and Buenas Costumbres performing the song “El Cuarto de Tula”:

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