Been there, saw that

Been there, saw that: Boothstock Festival (Rotterdam)

On Saturday the 11th of August it was time for the first edition of Boothstock festival in Rotterdam. I didn’t even know I could go there until the same day, thanks to my brother and The Voyagers (who were also DJing during the festival). It has been a while since I went to a festival like this, mostly with dj’s and only a few live performances.
There were 7 stages, all with different styles of music so everybody could find something to fit with their taste in music. Boothstock festival is about djs who not only mix tracks but also can produce and are putting an effort in being creative. You could see Kraak & Smaak, Benny Rodrigues, Eric Eerdhuizen, Baggi Begovic, The Partysquad, The Flexican, Y’skid and a whole lot of other djs during that day.
I actually went there just for fun and not to write something about it, but when I got home and saw that I had taken a lot of pictures I thought maybe I can post them to give you an idea of how the festival was. Hopefully Boothstock will be back next year for a second edition, then you should really go. I had a lot of fun. The vibe was great, the weather was lovely (finally!) and the people were in a good mood thanks to that.  Most of the day I was at the Top-Notch stage, only went away to see The Voyagers, Kraak & Smaak, a bit of Eric Eerdhuizen and Baggi Begovic. I also saw Zwart Licht and Winne perform, they are two dutch hiphop acts who always deliver during live shows. It was also nice to see Winne perform in his hometown.
I couldn’t take pictures of the whole day because I had forgotten to charge the batteries of my camera. 🙂 So here are some pictures of The Partysquad, The Flexican, The Voyagers, MC Fit, Zwart Licht and the people who were there. I also filmed a little breakdance session with my phone, it took place during Y’skid’s dope hiphop set.
Click on “More” to see the pictures & video.

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