One year since the Norway attacks in Oslo/Utøya

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the Oslo bombing and Utøya shootings in Norway. I usually don’t write about these things because I think the media is covering it enough and my opinion is not of a big significance. But because I was in Oslo when it all took place and saw how it effected the people there I feel as if I should share what I’ve learned from the Norwegian people.
They really handled this differently than another country would do. As I saw politicians in the Netherlands using the attacks for their own benefit and spreading of hate, in Norway there was unity and love.  The values that the Young Socialists and the Norwegian people had only got stronger after the attacks. They didn’t change the way they think and therefore Breivik didn’t succeed.
I remember seeing a Facebook poll where someone asked what Breivik’s punishment should be, one of the less chosen options was “the death penalty”. Keep in mind that it’s a Facebook poll, the death penalty doesn’t actually exist in Norway but it was just to see what people’s opinion was. I thought the fact that not a lot of people chose the death penalty showed  how the Norwegian people are.
The Young Socialists are an example for me on how to react to an act of hate and not let yourself be dragged into that dark emotion. Specially how not lose sight of your own beliefs during difficult times.  Right after the attacks the interviews that they gave were a great example of their strength. I was very inspired by them and felt extremely sorry that they had to go through something like that.
May all the victims rest in peace and I wish their family and friends a lot of strength during these days.
*pictures taken by Hazjir Adil in Oslo last year.

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