Yes, topless activism… that’ll teach ’em!

Just read an article on  about FEMEN, the Ukrainian protest group which has been in the news a lot lately. FEMEN’s main focus is the Euro 2012 Tournament and the fact that it will fuel prostitution and sex tourism in their land. They are known for organizing topless protests to gain attention for their cause. After reading the article I don’t feel like I’ve gotten any wiser as to what kind of an effect their protest have on the sex industry in Ukraine. Or how it will help the girls who are currently forced into prostitution in Ukraine. I’m missing a useful plan or a solid course of action here. I know I’m coming off very sceptical about this but how can showing your breasts during a big football event be an effective way of putting a stop to sex tourism and prostitution? Those girls are around their twenties, so am I… and I’m also against the sex tourism and aware of the fact that hosting a big football tournament like Euro 2012 will only increase this. However if I were them I would seek other ways to help the country. Because going topless at a place where a lot of men gather doesn’t seem as if they will be shocked by this and decide not to go to a prostitute. Maybe they will make a strong plan in the future, I really hope that.  This subject is not something to be taking lightly and I feel as if the seriousness of this doesn’t come across by the topless activism FEMEN is doing. I might be wrong and too negative but that’s just how I feel about it.

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