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Debate: The Arms Trade Treaty – Towards the UN Negotiations at the Humanity House

The Arms Trade Treaty will be negotiated during a global conference in New York in July. The talks will be about the regulation of the international trade in conventional weapons. The aim is to come up with internationally agreed standards to ensure that arms are only transferred for appropriate use.
This Thursday (24th of May) The Dutch Red Cross, Amnesty International, IKV Pax Christi and Oxfam Novib are organizing a debate about the Arms Trade Treaty. This will take place in The Hague at the Humanity House. Some of the topics that will be discussed are the effects and range of the treaty and also the position of the Netherlands in all of this. The speakers will be H.E. Mr. Paul van den Ijssel (Netherlands Ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament) and Nathalie Weizmann of the ICRC. If you want to attend this gathering, you can send an e-mail with the subject ”Arms Trade Treaty” to The entrance is free and it starts at 17:00.
I’ll definitely be there, interesting topic.  Even though I don’t really believe in something like ”appropriate use of weapons”. Those words next to each other don’t sound right to me. There’s nothing appropriate about weapons. But I won’t rain on anybody’s parade because taking steps to make some guidelines/rules would be a great achievement.  And it’s at least some kind of action. Let’s see how I’ll feel on Thursday after the debate. 🙂

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