Documentary: ”American Radical” The Trials of Norman Finkelstein

If you had any heart in you, you’d be crying for the Palestinians”

A very interesting documentary which gives us a glimpse in the life of Norman Finkelstein. He’s known for his sharp criticism of Israel’s policies/actions. The documentary shows the viewer also that this criticism is not easily accepted and comes at great cost. After watching this I was inspired. You don’t have to agree with everything he’s saying but I respect a man who can handle so much anger by his surroundings and still speak in a calmly manner (most of the time).  One part of the documentary where you can see Finkelstein ”lose his cool” is when a young lady asks a question and gets very emotional towards Finkelstein for the fact that he compared Israel to the nazis. Finkelstein then explains how his parents who were Holocaust survivors inspired him not to use their suffering for any justification of what the Israeli state is doing now. That short segment tells a lot about Normal Finkelstein’s persona, at least that’s how I viewed it.
Another segment of the documentary which I thought was inspiring is when Finkelstein is in Lebanon giving lectures to young Palestinians and one boy reflects on what he has learned. He states that thanks to Finkelstein he was reminded that there are other solutions to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and that he was always so focussed on ”fighting Israel” that he forgot about those. I wish the media would give more attention to this kind of positive influence that Finkelstein can have on the Palestinian youth.  Even if you don’t agree with him, I hope that you will find something that can inspire you from this documentary.

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