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R.I.P. MCA aka Adam Yauch

Adam Yauch aka MCA, one of the founders of the legendary  Beastie Boys died yesterday. The fact that all media is covering this news shows how much he has influenced us with his music. I usually don’t write posts about musicians who died because I think they will live on through their music and therefore I rather post their songs.
I can’t even claim that I was listening to Beastie Boys from the beginning because when their first album ”Licensed to ill” came out, I wasn’t even born. When I started listening to hip hop around the age of 13 I wasn’t a big Beastie Boys fan, It wasn’t my type of hiphop (I thought at the time). But I def’ learned to appreciate them when I got older. Even though it took me awhile, I finally understood the new style and couldn’t stop listening to the Beastie Boys:

I was really shocked when I read that MCA has passed, we lost another very important and influential person for the hiphop community. It sounds weird that the passing of someone I didn’t even know in person can have such an impact on me, but I guess once you listen to somebody’s music that often you feel connected in a way.
In 2011 they released their album ”Hot Sauce Committee Part Two”, which brought the Beastie Boys feeling back. The album was great and I was listening to it non stop. unfortunately the group wasn’t able to promote their album live because of MCA’s ongoing battle against salivary cancer. Every once in a while there was some good news about the progress MCA had made but yesterday his family, friends and fans got the bad news they didn’t want to hear.

He didn’t leave us empty-handed and left a lot of great music for us to listen to. Let’s not forget his great videos too. Last year he wrote and directed the short film ”Fight for your Right (Revisited)”:

But that wasn’t the first time Adam Yauch directed a video, other Beastie Boys classic videos that were made by him are “So Whatcha Want”, “Intergalactic”, “Body Movin” and “Ch-Check It Out”.

[dailymotion x2axbq]
I don’t think that the Beastie Boys will continue to exist after MCA’s death. In my opinion his death is also the end of Beastie Boys as we know them since he played such an important role in this group. Last month the Beastie Boys got introduced to the Roll Hall of Fame but Adam Yauch couldn’t attend that ceremony.  It’s a very sad day for hiphop, but let’s celebrate his music which wont be taken away from us. Here’s a live performance and interview during their stay in Amsterdam:

-R.I.P. MCA-

* The image that I’ve used at the beginning of my post is a MCA tribute in Almere (NL) made by Kamp Seedorf.

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