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Been there, saw that: Anthony Hamilton concert @Melkweg, Amsterdam

Mr. Hamilton gave such a superb performance last night at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. It’s a blessing that I was there to witness it. I knew he’d be good live but didn’t expect it to be this great. If you weren’t there I think you missed out on something beautiful. If you’re planning on seeing him somewhere else in Europe  prepare yourself for a wonderful evening. 😉
He is such an energetic person, really entertaining. Anthony Hamilton, his band and the background singers worked so well together. The vibe was lovely throughout the whole show. Whenever I looked around me I only saw people smiling. Usually there’s always a moment during a performance where the artist loses the attention of the audience but not during an Anthony Hamilton performance. He grabbed our attention and never lost it, not even for a second. I think one of my favorite songs of the evening was ”Prayin’ for you” because the way they performed it really showed how good the band as a whole is and how entertaining they are.
I can talk about how great the evening was the whole day, but why don’t I just show you some videos so you can see what I’m talking about?
1. Prayin’ For you 

2. Comin’ from where I’m from

3. Charlene

4. I’m Cool

5. Best of Me

6. Better Days

7. So In Love

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