Been there, saw that

Been there, saw that: SPOKEN with Michaela the Poet, Black Ice and others.

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On the 6th of April it was time to celebrate the 15th edition of SPOKEN: In The Presence Of Poets. A great spoken word event in the Netherlands which I’ve visited a few times before. I love poetry and I was looking forward to this evening. It was my first time seeing Michaela the Poet and Black Ice performing.
I actually never heard of Michaela the Poet before seeing her name on the SPOKEN flyer. I did the necessary internet investigation prior to the event, just to be a little familiar with the person I was going to see. The things that weren’t discovered during the investigation I discovered during the show. The fact that we are both 24 made me a bit ashamed of the fact that I stopped writing poetry and gave me a slight kick in the derrière to start again. She connected effortlessly with the crowd and was able to grab their attention. It wasn’t some  made up act, she was herself and that’s what made us all fall for her. I really liked the two poems she recited, both gave me goosebumps. I wish she had a bit longer to perform, because when she left the stage I was still eager to hear more. I filmed one poem, it’s about domestic violence, which was written when a friend of hers was in an abusive relationship:

Being a big Def Poetry Jam fan, I was very excited for the main act of the evening. After watching Black Ice on my tv screen I finally had the chance to see him live, right in front of me… and that was great! Before each poem he told short stories from his life which gave the audience some background information on the subject of the poem. He is wonderful on stage, very funny and serious when needed. He speaks the truth and knows exactly how to get his point across. Even though he stated that he wanted to move over here as a joke, I really hope it’ll happen in the near future. I wont mind seeing him more often at all. I filmed three of his poems, you can watch them below:
1. Lone Soldier

2. Truth is

3. Bigger than mine

 The whole evening was very inspirational. The City Theatre/Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam was the perfect venue for this event, a very beautiful place for a lovely event.
There were also other performances by B.A.N.G. (I missed his show unfortunately), Brainpower & Typhoon. The last two were in Dutch, click on more to see their videos.

One thought on “Been there, saw that: SPOKEN with Michaela the Poet, Black Ice and others.

  1. Great review – Michaela will return to The Netherlands in September to perform in The Hague a monologue which she wrote as a drama student of Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London – Together with her fellow Guildhall student Jherad Alleyne – for more information check out (soon to be on
    the website)

    If you like more information about STET The EnglishTheatre just contact us on or on Facebook – The English Theatre

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