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Been there, saw that: José James @ MC Theatre, Amsterdam

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I just got home from José James’ performance at the MC Theatre in Amsterdam. Before I talk more about him, I want to talk about the support act of the evening Gery Mendes aka GMB. He’s a great artist from Rotterdam. His performance was acoustic, just him and one other guitar player. He’s so charismatic on stage and you can feel the passion he has for this. This was the first time that I saw him perform in this new setting and I was pleasantly surprised. He has developed his talent during the years and taken it to a whole other level, which I didn’t think was possible since he was already very good when I first started listening to his music. I like this new path he has chosen and can’t wait to see what more he has in store for us in the future.
After the energetic show of Gery Mendes, which left me with a smile on my face, it was time for José James.
This was the second time I had the chance to see him live but this was different from the last time. So I’m very happy that I went. It’s truly wonderful to see José James in action. The comfort and confidence he exudes while being on stage really makes his performances such a treat.  He sang flawless and his connection with the audience was great. Everybody was simply captured by his voice and you could see how much they were enjoying being there.  He makes it all seem so natural and easy when he does it…but it’s not, trust me I’ve tried it and it didn’t work out for me ;).
Also what I really loved is the fact that he didn’t make it all about him. He made sure we knew who the musicians that were accompanying him on stage were.
Therefore it wasn’t ”just” José James but also Takuya Kuroda (the trumpeter), Richard Spaven (the drummer), Gideon van Gelder (the pianist) and Solomon Dorsey (the bassist). And they were so talented, their solo’s were ridiculously good.  Really inspiring to see such musicians in action and to feel their love for what they’re doing. So as you’ve might have noticed, I’m still a bit on cloud nine after seeing José James’ show. I was even more on cloud nine during the show, because of that I even missed my train and my last bus home.  But it was all worth it! Whenever you get the chance to see him live don’t hesitate and go, you wont regret it. Click on ”more” to watch José James’ performance!


José James

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