Some hiphop songs I’d like to share …

Here are some new songs that I recommend downloading:

1. Gangrene ft Prodigy – Dump Truck

Gangrene (The Alchemist & Oh No) will release their Vodka & Ayahuaska on the 24th of January. ‘‘Dump Truck” is the first single off the album and they’ve collaborated with Prodigy on this one:

2. Crooked I – No Competition

On the 13th of December Crooked I will release his new EP “In None We Trust – The Prelude”. ”No Competition” is one dope track which def’ shows what we can expect from him:

3. MOD the Black Marvel ft Thun – Subterranean Homesick Blues

MOD the Black Marvel is a rapper from the Netherlands, who I really admire. Together with Thun and producer Jordan River banks they’ve made a cover for the Bob Dylan:

4. Mobb Deep ft Nas – Get it forever

 ”Get it forever” is a track from the  ”Black Cocaine EP”, Mobb Deep are joined by Nas on this track. A collaboration which really can’t disappoint:


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