Flower power!

As I follow the melody
that my heart beats
I wonder where it leads …
Will it take me far or just around the corner ?
Will it give me a million or just one dollar ?
Really at the end … for me, it doesn’t matter
every experience in my life makes me appreciate it better
If it makes me sound like a lost hippie
so be it, flower power is needed!
To overcome blindness one needs to regain his sight
To overcome darkness one needs to see the light
So as the sheep follow in a straight direction
I turn left to see what happens in the other section
it might be a place filled with sorrow
where people don’t want to see tomorrow
all happiness is lost and hope needs to be borrowed
but still I will be glad I made my own decision to be there
In such places there’s only one person needed to spark the light
for the others to see, there’s only one smile needed
to fade away the pain and make them realise there’s so much more they can be
I’m not saying I will be that person but I will damn sure try
Aiming high and achieving even higher is my purpose
There’s no use in dreaming if you’re not able to make it come true
So I’ll do whatever it is in my power to live the dream
It might be hard to do, but the harder the battle the sweeter victory tastes
There’s no greater feeling than being proud of yourself and learning from your mistakes

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