Been there, saw that


SPOKEN is a spoken word event in Amsterdam! It’s something new ,something that I really enjoy going to. Last Wednesday was the second edition. The performers were great! Everybody in their own way of course. I’ve only filmed 2 of the acts with my phone. First is Giovanca, a young singer from Amsterdam,with a very sweet voice and appearance. She was very charismatic on stage and connected great with the audience. She performed a few of her songs in a spoken word way, she also did a song that she hasn’t released yet which I really loved! It really touched me, her lyrics described how a lot of people I know(including myself) feel. I’m glad I was able to film that,now I can watch it whenever I want to. 
You can watch it also :

And after Giovanca,mister Pete Philly came and conquered the stage with his amusing performance. What an entertainer! Love his spontaneity , he really has shown us two sides. A funny guy that loves to joke around but also can be serious , you can watch the switch between funny and serious below. First he talks about how he hooks up with a girl and then the other is about a break up and overcoming certain aspects of it.  Enjoyed his performance very much and damn the man looks lovely! haha sorry just had to say it. Enough talking,watch the vid:

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