BurstMyInterview with DJ Illegal(Snowgoons)

First off I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you.
I really appriciate it!

1.Could you start by telling the readers something about the members of Snowgoons and also explain the name ?
The crew started with Det and me doing beats. this was around 1999. Just two years later we hooked up with Waxwork and he did some cuts on the first 12″ that we released in 2001. This was the first record from Snowgoons. Since that we are a tight crew and having fun doing this music! The name came basicly from Det cause he was reading a comic from Calvin and Hobbes and the SnowGoons are some bad Snowmens in the comic. We just liked the name!

2.You and Det started Snowgoons in 1999,what were the difficulties you had to overcome as a new production unit back then?
The good thing is that Det and me are like brothers. So there was no problems to work together. Its more like since we work together we are better!

3.Do you think that it’s easier nowadays for new production teams to get in the spotlights,because of the internet and such?
No doubt. Not only the internet but also nowadays everbody can do beats with a cheap or free programm. Back than it wasnt that easy. You need mad equipment like a mixer, sampler and all type of compresors and equilizers. But the internet helps you to promote your beats.

o you think that’s a bad or a good thing?
Like every medallion got two sides its the same with the internet. It helps to get a output and a plattform for your work but in the same time the internet distroys the music cause all the kids download without supporting the artist. The truth is that in 3-4 years nobody can sell music anymore and that means that a lot of artists quit the music cause they need to find another way for a full fridge. Dont get me wrong im not lazy when it comes up to work but some people try to make a living with this music. Im not about money and i dont want to get rich but i need to pay my bill and buy my daughter food.
5.The German hiphop scene is huge,why did you guys chose to work with rappers that are from other countries and rap in English instead of the German language?
The main reason was that most german artists told us in early 2000 that our beats sounds more like US hiphop. We really never figured out what they ment but whatever. So we checked out our contacts overseas and it worked out. But now we also start working with german artists. We just opend up our new website Snowgoons Deutschland and its funny to me cause most people start working with there own and then going over the border. But we did it the other way around.

6.I’ve read that in 2006 Snowgoons welcomed two new members Torben and Dj Waxwork. Now I wonder what made the original members decide after 7 years that they need two new members?
Thats not correct. Torben and Waxwork was around since day one. Torben did our website and some artwork like the covers and stuff. Waxwork did the cutz on our first 12″ and i start producing with him beats as well. He learned quick and after a while it was a natural process that they became official! After we released Black Snow Torben left the goons cause he wants to be focused on his study. His skills is more the computers and grafic stuff.

7.Can you explain how you guys work?Do all of you add something to a beat or are there also ‘solo’-beats?
For the most parts we doing big sessions on a weekend and knock out some beats together but also we doing the beats alone and send them over to each other. Sometimes somebody add some stuff or change it. Thats how a snowgoons beat get down!

8.Working with  other  people might be kind of stressfull sometimes,how do you guys manage not to lose it?
Its easier than everybody thinks. When we come together its a really session. We not just doing beats, we talk about music, the goons, the future and life. I guess thats what it makes. We are all good friends as well. And when we work seperated we use skype to communicate or send files. thats really easy.
9. You’ve worked with a lot of rappers,which rapper has made an great impact on you/has inspired you the most after working with him?
There are a lot of good artists but let me say Reef The Lost Cauze. He is a real cool guy and he is handeling everything so easy. He is a born rapper. But also Edo G , Sean Price or Ill Bill they are legends in the game and its dope to watch them writing on a verse and record.

10.Have you been disappointed by a rapper you worked with/wanted to work with?Who was it and why?
I really dont wanna call somebody out but of course there are artists that talk different in person and then on the internet. Artist XY was makin all promises on tour and was pickin out mad beats. So we was really lookin forward to work with him but then since he left he rarly answers emails and never keept the promises. If thats the way you want to work you never move forward. But whatever. There are shady headz everywhere.

11.Who’s the rapper that you still haven’t worked with but would love to work with?And what makes that rapper that good in your opinion?
For myself its Nas. He is a real poet and a MC. I dont know him personal but i love his music since day one. Illmatic is maybe the greatest hiphop record ever made. At least it should be in everybodys to 10 list of all hiphop albums. I know that Waxwork is totally looking forwad to working with Vinnie Paz and we make it happen this year. I also wish i head a chance to work with Big L. I meet him ones on the Rock Steady Anniversary in New York 97. He was a real cool dude and just a dope MC.

12.Can we expect new things in 2009 or do we have to wait a little longer than that? What are the futureplans for Snowgoons?
2009 is the year of the goon! just flip around 2009 and u will c it! The new Snowgoons album will come fall 09. The titel will be “Trojan Horse”. Also we working with the Savage Brothers and Lord Lhus on a album thats coming real soon. And my man Sicknature got a album coming up with some Snowgoons beats on it.
Basicly check out our new Blog on myspace!

13.Thank you once again for doin’ this interview,I would like to post a song with it,which song of yours would like me to post?One that gives the listener a good view of the kind of music you make?
Dank ju well. Maybe post the “Who” song from outerspace! Also check out the video cause Crypt is wearing a FC TWENTE  jacket! Represent! PEACE

(FC TWENTE is a dutch soccerteam and Miss BurstmyBubble is from the Netherlands,in case you didn’t know )

2 thoughts on “BurstMyInterview with DJ Illegal(Snowgoons)

  1. Yo fuck XY for not workin with Snowgoons!!! How you gonna turn them down? its like saying no to Dr. Dre lol!!! COP THAT TROJAN HORSE IS THE SHIT!!! YO IF THE GOONS READING THIS ILL WORK WITH YALL NO DOUBT!! ILL DO IT COMPLETLELY FREE!!! THATS MY WORD

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