Inverse – So True E.P.


Inverse(Tunji&Toby) is a rap-duo from California. They were so kind to bless your ears with some free music,click on the image to download their ‘So True’ E.P.
The first track off the E.P. is called ‘Rise&Shine’ and sets the mood for the rest of the tape with it’s feelgood-vibe. Melodic beats and strong lyrics take the listener to a journey through the everyday Cali-live. Both MC’s fit so well together,different styles become one on the tracks. It’s really a joy listening to them and what they have to say.I’m glad they manage not to be outshined by the wonderfull beats. Lately a lot of rappers cant compete with the beats they choose for their songs. Inverse and their beats are just a great team!
After 6 tracks my journey through Cali’s everyday live came to an end. What started with a feelgoodsong ends with a what darker song called ‘Goodnight,Goodnight’ and the cycle is completed.
I really can’t stop listening to the E.P. and hope you guys like it as well.

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