About a week ago I received an e-mail from A.Pinks containing his newest videoclip. I really liked the song and the vid ,but was wondering if he could also give me some information about himself.
And that’s just what he did and that’s why I’m kinda late with posting his vid,but now yall at least get some more info about the artist.
Here’s a short bio:
‘Adrien “A. Pinks” Pinkard, (born 6/24/86) is an emerging artist hailing from the Ravenswood Housing Projects in Queens, NY. Writing and recording since the age of 15, A. Pinks invests in his cynical wit along with his brutal honesty to set him apart from the mound of monotony that has become the music community of today. Influences seem to derive his from day-to-day experiences while being complimented by an air of wishful thinking. Getting his first big break with a mixtape entitled “It’s Not A Rumor: Google Me!,” hosted by the world famous DJ Whoo Kid; A. Pinks has garnered much media attention as well as a significant underground buzz. Exhibiting an off-brand sound smothered in New York swag, A. Pinks’ is well-prepared to keep fans highly interested and eminently entertained. Such attractive qualities have led the Howard University graduate to the likes of Vibe’s “Life & Style”, The Source’s “Unsigned Hype,” URB Magazine’s “Next 1000” and MTV’s “Sucker Free” where Pinks was featured as the “Emerging Artist” of the month. “The most candid artist you’ve never heard” promises to not disappoint. He leaves you with a message to the fans—-Hit The Lights…(I’m On!) ‘

A.Pinks-Held me down

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