Interview with Donny Goines !

After I saw his clip for the song ‘What happened’, I immidiately tried to get in touch with him. I really like his music and wanted to ask him a few questions. He agreed to do an interview with Miss Burst My Bubble so I e-mailed him a few questions,some things that I wanted to know.  
I want to thank him for being so co-operative and always replying so quickly to my emails.
His album Minute After Midnight is out today,you can buy it via . Support hiphop and buy it!


Here’s the interview,hope yall enjoy it:

1. I know that you live by the motto: ‘If you dont know my name,im not
working hard enough’, I do believe that you’re working hard but would
you mind telling the readers who Donny Goines is?

-Donny Goines is an aspiring MC from New York City who is working very
hard to make great music. I have been pursuing this dream for a little
under three years now and have done many things within that time. I
love Hip Hop but most of all, I love good music and that is who Donny
Goines is. The representation of good music.

2. What distinguishes you from all the other rappers?

-If I had to narrow it down to one thing I would have to say my candor
and honesty
. I don’t know many artists who are willing to share their
lives and stories so freely besides myself. When you listen to my
music, you are listening to apart of me, an extension of my thoughts
and feelings and that can never be duplicated by anyone else. There is
no one in the world like me because we as humans are individuals and I
really try to speak on my life and situations.

3. I’ve read in an interview you had with that you’re
not only and artist but also a fan. Does the fan in you improve the
artist in a way? And in what way?

Of course. When I listen to music from another artist, it may inspire
me on many different levels. I’m not one of those artists that’s
scared to admit if someone is dope or not. I love good music and as a
fan, it just makes me
appreciative of certain things when I’m
listening. The work, sound quality, concepts, thoughts, etc. and
depending on who or what it is I can become inspired as an artist in
my own right for whatever reason. Also as a fan
I know what I DON’T
want to hear
so when I am making music I make sure to keep those
thoughts in the back of my mind
so I don’t throw out no bullshit haha.

4. You also talk in the same interview about bringing out as many
tracks as you can, because you don’t want people to get bored. But
aren’t you going to but quantity before quality that way? Aren’t you
scared that you might just bring out songs,for the sake of it instead
of for the dopeness?

-I think you misinterpreted that a bit. First off, its ALWAYS quality
over quantity. If you think I put out alot of music now then you are
going to be amazed when I have the resources which will allow me to
record at my conviencnae. The truth is, I really put alot of thought
and feeling into every single song or project
I do and I NEVER put out
music just for the sake of “putting out music
“. All my projects and
songs have a rhyme and reason to them and its just how I operate. I
work on several different projects at one time because my writing
abilities allow me to do so.
I move pretty quick with the pen.

5. Where to you want to go with your music? Is there a goal you’ve set
for yourself?Something you def’ want to achieve before stopping?

-Ultimately, I want to make history. The one concrete goal I have is to
become great at what I do. That may take years, a decade, who knows
but suffice it to say that is really my main objective. Money, fame,
women, all those things are cool but
it runs so much deeper then that
to me.
I want to leave a legacy behind and never be forgotten. Music
is the only way I can achieve in my mind.

6. I can really relate to your track called ‘What happened’,where you
ask yourself what happened to hiphop. Do you think your album can
bring back that aspect we all miss in hiphop nowadays?

-Bring it back, no. Reinspire, definitely. One of my favorite quotes is
from Ghandi which states something to the effect of “You must be the
change you wish to see in the world” and I live by that. If I feel
music is suffering instead of complaining about it I am going to
up off my ass and do something about it.
I think this album will help
some people remember what a real album should sound like. We are
missing that in todays game.

7. Your album will be dropping on December the 16th and it’s called
“Minute after Midnight” can you explain the title and why you chose

-Long story short the title came to me one night out of the clear blue.
For some reason I was thinking bout the story of
Cinderella and I was
thinking about how certain aspects and principles of the story
parallel to Hip Hop. For instance, the magical pumpkin reminded me of
the fancy cars rappers talk about, the ball seemed similar to the
clubs, so on and so forth but what happens after midnight? All those
things disappeared because they were
not REAL. It was a fantasy and
that’s something which I feel many artists out there portray.
I on the
other hand wanted to showcase reality
. Hence the name of the album.

8.If I wanted to introduce you to someone I know with just one of your
tracks,Which one do you want me to use? And why?

-“Do it for Hip Hop” Prod. by DJ Static. Probably my favorite song of
all time. If you really want to know about me, where I come from, why
I do this then that song is the one you should take a listen to. It
represents me to the fullest.

9.Is there anything else you want to say to the people? If so…do it
right about now:

Thank you for interviewing me. I really appreciate the support. Thank
you to all the readers. Much love. Be sure to
support my debut album
which is Executive Produced. by Dame Grease and feat. K Salaam &
Beatnik, Statik Selektah, Dub Z, DJ Static, M Phazes, DJ Snips and The
Apple Juice Kid. You can purchase a copy on And
check out .
Much love.

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