When I first saw this,I thought it will be a mixtape featuring remixes of all the songs off 808’s and Heartbreak. I was really positive about the remix of the song Amazing that Novel did a while ago.
Well on this mixtape he does one other remix of Kanye’s album for the song Welcome to heartbreak,which is a freestyle with Spree Wilson. If you’ve read my post about Kanye’s 808’s&Heartbreak, you know that Welcome to Heartbreak is my favorite song off the album!And I’m not feelin’ this freestyle on it , I think he could write a great song on it…too bad he didn’t.
I would have liked it if he really remixed the whole 808’s & Heartbreaks but this mixtape is more a compilation of his songs that were already floating on the net. It’s now easier for fans to just have it all in one package.
My fav’ tracks on the tape are  Intro-spective ft Adele(damn,she really has an amazing voice!)&Music ft Ced Highes.
The other songs that I like are: Amazing&I Can be president(ft Joell Ortiz)

Download the mixtape and see if you like it

Got the link via OS.

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