Been there, saw that


Yesterday was RoF! (see the post below)
M.O.&Brakko,Manu and Blaxtar came ,saw and conquered the Ekko. I also made a short report together with ReaZun&Nickisdesjit for HABEKtv,i’ll post it when the editting is done.
I enjoyed the whole evening.
RoF! started with M.O. & Brakko, 2 rappers from Bijlmer(Amsterdam) whose debut album ‘Catharsis’ surprised dutch hiphop fanatics. Their boombap beats and rhymes create a good hiphop vibe for the audience to bounce on. They manage to find a good balance between tracks that are about serious subjects and others that are more about lighter subjects. This is also one of the reasons that their shows are enjoyable. The first time that I saw them perform was in August this year and now only 4 months later I see an incredible progress in the way they’re on stage. I’m really glad that they’ve came this far and hope that they’ll stay on this road and keep up the good work. They show that they’re not only talented but also driven.I’m looking forward to the next time that I’ll see them perform.Here’s a vid I made with my phone during their show,they were performing their song ‘Geen haat’ that will be featured on the Bijlmersyle 3 CD.

The second act of the evening was Manu. A rapper that opened a lot of eyes with his first solo album ‘De vloek op de overvloed’. Some people dont like his style because they think he talks too much about gouvernment related issues and is too critical about the way of life in the Netherlands&the Western World but I think those people just aint ready to hear the truth yet. His live appearance is always one crazy rollercoaster through different vibes. You can expect a slow song and after that one song that makes the crowd jump around like animals. He reflects the energy that he gets from the audience and gives them what they’ve payed for. I’m sure that everybody was very pleased with his performance.
Here’s a vid of his first solo track ‘Minister President'(I got a little carried away at the beginning of the song):

Last but not least,the third act of RoF! was Blaxtar,I’ve been hooked on his music thanks to my lovely friend Maike. She just forced me to listen to his songs and now I cant stop listening. He has 2 great albums and is apparentley working on his third one. Now the third one might be in english or bilingual because he did a new track during his show and it was in english. This is not new for him,the man has been rappin’ in English for the last 10 years I think. But the two albums on his name are dutch. I like his music in both languages so for me it doesn’t matter. The new song sounded good and Pax approved it,so it will be a hit.:P
Blaxtar is I think the rapper with the most stage experience of the 3 acts during RoF! and you can see that by the way he interacts with his audience. He kinda makes his performance a conversation between us and him. The audience is never bored,you can bounce on the dope beats he has or listen to his intelligent rhymes.He really has a great stage presence,even if he’s alone he still takes over the stage.Eventhough he had a baaldag,he still gave a good performance during RoF! I dont have any footage of him on my phone because I filmed for the HABEKtv item with another camera and that camera is not here with me. Here’s a videoclip he made for the virusfreegeneration together with Tha Gosple.Here he raps in English.

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