Dub MD presents ‘Hip Hop Renatus’

‘Renatus in old Latin meaning Born Again/Reborn:
44 emcees over 34 handpicked beats!’

Yesterday I saw this in my mailbox but Miss BurstMyBubble was getting herself ready to go to bed so I couldn’t post it.After I got my few hours of sleep,I’ve downloaded it ,had a quick listen and ofcourse want to share it with you guys! There were a few artist on the tape I didn’t know about,now I’m up to date I guess.
This mixtape is all about givin’ underrated rappers shine. They are rappin’ over some of the greatest producers in the Hip Hop’s “New, Rare, Classic & Unreleased” instrumentals including J Dilla, DJ Premier, Large Professor,Marley Marl and many others!
Download ‘HipHop Renatus’ and stop underrating good rappers!

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