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Typhoon,a dutch rapper… one of the best in my opinion.He takes the dutch language to a whole other level,he knows exactly how to play with words and bring them alive. His album ”Tussen Licht & Lucht” takes listeners on a journey through his mind,we get a sneak peak of his emotions and the things that matter to him. His music has made a great impact on his fans,on the dutch hiphop industry and even on nonhiphop lovers. Nobody can hate on his talent.
Now he has made a videoclip for one of the best songs of his album ‘‘Sprokkeldagen”. The clip is based on an idea by HOTEL and directed by Jay Sunsmith&Ferry Zijderveld also from HOTEL. Script is written by the wonderfull Neske Beks(she’s the woman you hear in the song) and is produced by Julius Ponten (Triomf).
I really love what they have made and I’ve watched the clip several times now,hope you guys enjoy it as well.

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