Been there, saw that


091120082314Last sunday,November the 9th, I went to Guru’s Jazzmatazz show in Utrecht(The Netherlands).I was ready for a jazzy/hiphop evening and I really wanted to see Guru live,the man has made classics and is in my town so for me as a hiphopfan this was something I had to see.
Eventhough I’m more fan of the Gangstarr tracks than the Jazzmatazz ones but ok.
I enjoyed the performance although I expected a bigger musical experience than just a dj,trompet player and a guy that could start his own one man band  .. really the dude played like 4 instruments (not at the same time) that evening. It would’ve been nice to see a band than just 3 people. Guru did his thing great though,he was on point the whole show.I’ve uploaded a few vids for u guys,the most are acapella because my phone cant handle the bass.
Oh yeah he also did a few Gangstarr tracks,I went insane when I heard Mass Appeal and filmed it but the quality is just too bad for uploading.

Guru Freestyle:

Guru’s Jazzmatazz-Keep your worries

Guru’s Jazzmatazz-Feed the hungry

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