I proudly present to you the first DutchDelight post and it’s all about the one and only  Kyteman!Yesterday he gave a breath taking performance with his HipHop Orchestra in Tivoli,de Helling(Utrecht).I’m still on cloud nine thanks to the great show he gave,woke up with his songs in my head and a huge smile on my face.
From the age of 5 he and his best friend the Trumpet were inseparable and now together they’re making magic for your ears. Yesterday he introduced us to his own HipHop Orchestra,about 13 talented musicians(among which 3 violin players&3 brass players)and 10 of the dopest MC’s he could find. He is the man behind the music,he has created the melodies/beats and he is ofcourse the conductor of the HipHop Orchestra. During his performance he manages to take the audience to a whole different world with his talent where music is the only language. He and his band speak this language fluently! It was a musical explosion,one that will definitley take over the world. So make sure that if he’s performing somewhere near you, you take your friends,family …whatever just take the whole town with you because you wouldnt want to miss this!
You can check out a few of his songs on his myspace-> www.myspace.com/kyteman and here’s a vid of last nights performance.

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