Believer vs Non Believer

Trying to find a balance between being a believer and a non believer.
I really do believer that there is a greater power and that my life doesn’t end after a short period on planet earth,
what I don’t believe is that this greater power has any human characteristic like gender and such. I don’t believe that a person who has dedicated his live to doing good and helping others will go to hell just because he has the ”wrong” religion
In fact I don’t believe in the whole existence of a place like hell.
I do believe that religion when well interpreted gives people the strength to live their lives and overcome the struggles they face, religion itself isn’t a bad thing,human beings are just strange creatures. Instead of using religion to purify their soul, they focus on others and try to change what others believe but this is YOUR live, so you just focus on yourself.
Just because you’ve found the light doesn’t mean you have to force others to see it too, tell them where it is, tell them all about it but then let them decide if they are ready to embrace it or not. Your truth doesn’t have to be the truth of others, everybody has their own view on it. Religious wars have taken the lives of so many good people, believers and non believers just because some people think they have to force their truth, their light upon others.
I love all religions, they all have beautiful aspects, which I admire.  religion is supposed to bring serenity&unity in this crazy world we live in but we human beings have made it an instrument of dividing and gave it a somewhat scary meaning. So at the end, I guess I am a believer because I do believe in the higher purpose of religion. However, I don’t believe that we could ever look at all religions and understand the purity without giving it some human aspects and taking away the real meaning it has.

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